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As new year starts, we start to look back and reflect on ourselves, though we might think that we are the same as we were 5 years ago, but nothing stays intact forever, things change, always, sometimes for good and sometimes for the worst and so does our interior and styling trends, stuff that we thought was stylish and chic in 2019, may not be the same stuff that we find nice in 2022, changing times, especially in COVID has made sure that all of us evolve and for the better.

People are starting to look at everything from a different and global and sustainable point of view, before investing time, money and effort on anything, we make sure that we understand that how will this thing effect our lives, let it be a car, a home, a piece of furniture or any electronic appliance.

So let's debate on that things that our experts thought were considered designer and worth spending time, money and effort on in 2020, will no longer be serving the same purpose in 2022.


Gone are the times, when having fancy, big patterned, or 3d tiles were considered a great design and contributed towards the design language for the space. Especially on floors, a lot of patterns, textures and colours create a great amount of confusion while walking and surfing through the space. Wooden flooring on the other hand is really comfortable to the eye, smooth to function and operate with, easily manageable and is the new era. And no we are not talking about just those old fashioned knotted wooden flooring, but a very chic, thin battens with light, soft and warm colour, it creates an illusion of a larger floor area along with amplifying any colour scheme that is being followed in any area.

Basically colours, patterns and textures on floors especially in a smaller space creates an illusion of a messier and a smaller space that it actually is, whereas on the other hand, light wooden tiles/plank flooring creates an illusion of a bigger and a well maintained space which is easier to clear and maintain.


Teensy pendant lights with filament lights were considered very chic in the last couple of years, but their era is gone. Gone are the days when hanging petite lights in the corner of a room created an elegant effect. Times are changing and with it the styles are evolving as well, everything needs to be functional alongside being aesthetic in any space.

Having large globes of titanic fixtures on top of a dining console or maybe in the centre of a staircase has more impact than any side lined light piece that may or may not be functional but rather just an aesthetic element that does not add up much of identity to the space.


This one is pretty interesting and may be a little controversial for most of you out there.

We all like straight lines, edgy corned with black powdered coated aluminium frames, but they are so clinical, so perfect that it doesn't look like they should be places in our habitable spaces anymore. Rather we should start exploring more Bendy lines, curves, arches and bohemian designs to make our living spaces more homely and warm and welcoming.

Wavy lines represent life and softness of it, during these tough times, we need to be at-least at peace at our homes, they are not necessarily supposed to look like the office spaces that we have spent most of our working lives in.


Cane has ruled the market of interiors for so long that we cant remember, it revives after every 10-12 years with a new form of evolution, a better sustainable material, elegant looking and now the experts think that we should let it go for now and explore more textures like Robs and Flutes, they create a lot of depth and softness, same as cane to any space. Both Cane and flutes are the essential elements of Japandi interiors and both represent the same design language. But the problem with cane is that it needs regular maintaining, at-least the original sustainable cane does. Whereas on the other hand, we can cover flutes in Duco paint, PU polish, paints and also can be done in glass.

Flutes are the future of design and they carry a lot of identity in itself and also to the spaces that they are placed in.


Same old bulk ordered manufactured wallpapers belong to the last decade and we should let them stay there. Walls in your home should depict the real you rather than just being something that is there at every household and your wall ends up having no meaning at all.

Your walls should be such that you and everyone wants to touch them.They should have their own identity, textured, rich walls are the future, colours that reflect the inner you, patterns that represent your identity and texture that represent the purpose of the space that they are in. Walls are supposed to protect us and at the same time they are supposed to have their own identity.

We have entered a new year 2022, and with that we need to leave behind the old trends and styles that are not designed to come with us to step in future but stay in the past years. We need to think more sustainable and explore new and better living styles with better materials and better styles. In case you are looking forward to get your space designed, Visit our website to know more and get a free consultation for your residential or commercial needs.

Happy Designing..

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