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You can always approach the Design Team at MillarQ Design to get design consultation for your space, let it be an office space, commercial projects and home interiors throughout the world, and not even have to wonder on standards and Bye-laws of any region, we have a very well informed design team that takes care of all the standards. We are a one-stop solution for any kind of consultation services.

Our first and foremost focus is always in making our clients feel and understand how are we planning and aiming to change your space and discuss in length with you to understand your take on it and include your personal requirements and aim for the space.

YOU DREAM of changing your space or designing it from a bare shell and have some ideas on the final output, you share those with us, WE DESIGN, your space, keeping in mind the ideas shared by you and once we have finalised the designs of your space. WE DELIVER it in the said timelines with premium quality in specified budget.

Following are the inclusions in our Design Consultation services:

  1. Conceptualise and create a layout for your space.

  2. Create real life 3D Renders for your project.

  3. Help you with material finalisation and finishes.

  4. Good for Construction (GFC) drawing docket.

  5. Decor Ideas as final finishing touch.

  6. Magazine-worthy design ideas and how to achieve that in your space.

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