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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we work around offering a Warranty?

According to our terms, we offer a full home warranty, inclusive of modular
systems, furniture, on-site services and more. Listed below is our warranty:

Modular Kitchens
Up to 5-year warranty

Modular wardrobes & storage
Up to 5-year warranty

Semi-modular products
Up to 3-year warranty
M.A.S. sofas
Up to 3-year warranty
M.A.S. Furniture
Up to 1-year warranty
On-site services
Up to 1-year warranty
Home improvement solutions
Up to 10 years
We offer a warranty period of up to one year on all our on-site services. They
include painting, gypsum false ceiling, electrical and plumbing work. 

How can our clients claim for warranty?

To claim warranty, call us on 930297949 or email us at to register the warranty claim. Our clients can also raise a
ticket through My Account section.

What is the priority requirement our clients need to follow before applying
for a warranty?

In any event that requires repair, the warranty will be considered valid only if
you possess digital or physical proof of the complete payment or the signed

handover document at the time of the installation. In case you lose the warranty

e-book or the bill, don't worry. We have a physical customer contract or the e-
book, provided if requested from customer support.

Do we offer warranty extensions and renewal?

We at the moment don't deal with offering warranty extension or renewal of the
warranty. We also don't include customized products under warranty. However
we happy to provide all our clients with after-sales services even after the
warranty expires. The charges charged will be minimal and the material charges
will be incurred in case of the replacement.

What is the valid time-period for the Warranty?

In case of any damage, call us at 930297949 or mail us at
within three days. Any notification post the time period will not remain valid
for any product.

What is the curing period?

In case you are painting after new construction, you may need a curing period.
A time period of 45 days for exteriors and 3-6 months for interiors. We keep in
check the following steps before we start with the painting procedure,
• Check for damp surfaces and water leakage
• Rectify the problem. This could mean we repair the plumbing or cracks in
the exterior wall.
• Remove all loose plaster from the wall. We do that by tapping on the
walls for any hollow sounds.
• Any masonry work that needs to be done and repairing of broken plaster.

How do we deal with giving our client a superior paint finish?

We make sure that your space is perfect and affordable to you at the least prices.
That's why we
Buy paints from authorized dealers in the largest pack possible to avoid extra
expenses. We also ensure they have enough extra in case of any requirement.
Stir and keep the paint ready for application
Repair and rectify any interior and exterior related problems before renovation.
Using good quality thinners, primers and undercoats.
No cotton rags for cleaning. Just soft synthetic, sponge and muslin clothing.
No application of second coat without the first drying.
Elimination of mixing as much as possible to maintain the same finish and
color throughout the space.

Does painting furniture mean a different way of painting?

We follow a different set of rules while we get to painting furniture. We prepare
a smooth surface by sanding the surface using an emery paper. This makes it
free of wooden slivers and dust. We use a coating of Apcolite Wood Filter with
a muslin cloth and then allow it to dry for 1-2 hours.

What do I do to get the color I want?

We assist you in every step you take to build your dream space. For paints, we
offer color combination books, shade cards and more that help select the
colors based on the space, interiors and even the mood of the room. We house
experts to help you find the right shade card.

How can our clients customize their walls, apart from paints?

We also have a vast variety of decals. They are easy to apply, 'peel and stick'
wall stickers that can be applied to different surfaces like walls, cupboards,
doors, and even laptops. Based on the pack you buy, you get a different set of
decals. Use them to mix & match beautiful patterns.
These easy to apply and peel stickers come set with an adhesive that easily fixes
to the surface. In case of any corrections, they can be easily done without the
need for any extra adhesive or tool.

Can wallpapers be used anywhere in the space? What precautions should
our clients take?

These wallpapers and decals are useful when the walls have some blotches,
cracks, damaged walls or simply an intricate design yet not possible by paint.
With a wide variety of colours and complex patterns, it's easier to give houses a
royal look. Usually, these decals stick best on any surface like board, concrete,
wood panelling, masonry, plaster, tile and laminate too. They can stick great
with uneven walls too, after an application of lining paper that makes the
surface smooth for the wallpaper to stick to.

Do you clean after painting?

We take utmost care while we plan and design your space. We cover the floor,
furniture, doors, windows and other utilities with plastic sheers before we paint.
We also shift the furniture if needed and clean up after the painting procedure.

How do we promise our best work and products?

As professionals, we do your spaces with accuracy and excellent finish. We use
mechanized tools, site evaluation using scientific standards through moisture
meters, laser-based digital distance meters, sanding using electrical sanders,
dust extraction using vacuum cleaners and easier painting using the telescopic
roller. All this is pre-informed to you over the discussion.

Our trained team consists of a panel of contractors and painters fully equipped
to work with you. They are well aware of how to proceed in different situations
and complete work with perfection.

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