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At MillarQ Design, we cater to office fit-outs including, workstations, Furniture, Director’s Cabin, Meeting rooms, Conference Rooms, Reception and Services including electrical, MEP, HVAC in a very seamless manner, with quality modular fit-outs and semi-modular Fit-outs for maximum space optimisation.

Delivering the output in the set timelines as in Commercial projects meeting the timelines are very crucial. We maintain transparency with all our agencies including the vendors, the contractors and our clients throughout the process of designing and execute of the project.

Types of Offices that we cater to:-

  • Contiguous Office Space

Multiple Suites on the same floor of a building that are combined an rented to a single tenant.

  • Coworking Space

Office that are designed for those who need flexible access to a workspace, but not necessarily their own private office or the same desk everyday. They serve primarily small companies and sturtups in need of workspace for indefinite period of times. Shared amenities, space and appliances help keep cost low.

  • Shared  Office Space

Shared office space is two or more businesses both sharing  a common leased office. While the term can refer to a managed coworking office or a serviced office, it is more commonly used when the tenant of a privately leased office rents out their unused space to another business. This means that both parties benefit from sharing the cost of the rent, bills and overheads. Think Airbnb for office space – you get to use an awesome office, without the commitment or concern of your own long-term lease.

  • Executive Office 

An enterprise space is a type of managed office space that is customisable to suit the needs of larger teams. Sure, it’s a type of coworking or serviced office, but whilst many of us associate coworking spaces as a concept suitable for start-ups, freelancers and individual creatives, times are changing. We are living on the cusp of a new era of the way we will all do business and larger firms are beginning to notice the wealth of benefits linked with these dynamic workspaces.

  • Private Offices

Private offices come in all sizes, from a single person to 100 people office, it is a enclosed room located within a shared office facility and exclusively rented to an individual entity. Private office allow to to work in a quite, confidential and secure space to work. They are usually meant for top executives like Managing Director, Secretary, General Manager, Sales Department Manager and the like.

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