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In 2022, interior design trends will circle more towards reclaiming spaces previously adapted to home working, bringing the nature home and to purchase and decorate more consciously.

Since we are facing touch times since quite a few months now, let it be work related or otherwise, our homes have doubles the purpose of being a home as well as the office space, we need to bring some hope and nature inside our dwellings to make sure that we stay positive through these tough times are there is always light after a dark tunnel.

Some of the reigning trends that will conquer the designing and planning of our spaces in 2022 will revolve more around sustainability and conscious planning.


Our bedrooms, over last 2 years have been serving the purpose of fulfilling our body's need of rest along with being our workstations. Our bedrooms have suffered more in these times, so now is the time for bedrooms to return to their original purpose. Bedrooms will be given more priority and designed as per the comfort. Puffy cushions, no electronics, a very nice statement bedding and a side table just the size to accommodate a glass of water and a book. Bedrooms are the sleeping sanctuary and when the purpose is defeated, and we start to see it as our working den.

How to style your bedroom: Statement bedding, leg bench just in the middle of the bed, black out curtains for a deep comfortable sleep. A space to sit and read, mood lighting, now this is the most important, bedrooms should not have bright white lights, these lights help to focus and in bedrooms we do not need to focus, it is for the calm and should be kept for it.


Colour blue has dominated the interiors industry for so long, and honestly, wherever you see these days is either coral blue or banal blue, let it be pastel, highlighter or bold tints. But now the reign of blue is about over and greens will be the star of the show, from olives to mixed greens.

Greens actually depicts calmness and cool inside any space, and after the past 18 months of working from home, this is the only colour that will lighten and brighten the spaces. Plant based inspirations will always be in demand and what is better than green when it comes to plant inspiration.


Gone are the days when teensy pendant lights were in trend, now everywhere you see, let it be gyms, restaurants or offices and even homes, we saw pendants for the past 5 years, now that is about to change this year, while they look sleek, it is also very difficult to clean them, with all those strings attached to it and the cages. But to save the day we have sustain able statement lights, that bring in the natural feeling along with emphasising the decor part of any space, for an example, there are lamps made out of bamboos, fabric and wood, which creates a lot of warmness and depth in the space.


In 2019, all we wanted were single coloured minimal kitchens, but now that we have spent so much time in the same kitchens, we understand the need to add colour and charm in the kitchens is real. While single coloured kitchens may look sleek and minimal but at the same time they do not feel homely, we feel that we are in a hotel room with everything just perfect whereas we need not look for perfect because hotels are perfect but homes are always imperfect and independent and original in nature.

Whatever colour might give you a cheerful vibe should be used in kitchen , shades of browns, yellows, greens are amongst the common ones that are being used and that actually adds in a little bit of homely touch to your Kitchen.


Cottage-core is receiving a new found fame via instagram and tiktok. Cottage core is more of bringing in the country side touch inside your living spaces, to make sure that we are more connected to our roots and can bring in more of nature inside our homes for more calmness and stability in our lives.

Cottage-core is the most intriguing and close to perfect example of modern contemporary and countryside amalgamation. The Cottagecore trend is the epitome of The Good Life, drawing inspiration from the countryside with its sprawling meadows and wildflowers. It harnesses the look and charm of an idyllic country cottage through embracing familiar floral prints and patterns, chalk painted surfaces, organic textures and woods – creating a wholesome, pastoral and mindful rural vibe.


A natural progression from all the styles and trends in 2022 would be DIY projects and making sure that we up-cycle our existing furniture pieces and the materials of use that we usually throw in trash.

Low waste living and the art of up-cycling is the way towards future, making sure that our future generations have enough resources to use and upgrade from them. Past couple of months have influenced everyone to live and lead a low waste living style, an we should take that up as an opportunity to start to believe and lead a life that actually generates close to zero waste and which is also good for eco-system and our future.


Coming from the era where mass produced wallpapers have consumed the market, It is honest and sincere that these wallpapers are everywhere we turn our heads. Our walls should be one of a kind, let it be a plain paint shade, a patterned paint, textured paint or wall panelling. They can actually depict the inner you and can define your space better than wallpapers, patterned paints and textured paints are so intriguing that you just want to touch them, and that is the whole point of signature walls.

At the end, it is all about sustainability, the inner you and what depicts you at your best.

In case you are planning on designing your home from experts who can make sure that all your requirements and your space as well as storage needs are met. You can reach out to us at

Happy Designing.

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