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As we are all aware that pooja room is an essential element for almost every indian home, whatever be the design for the pooja area of our homes, the main purpose for it is to radiate and generate positive spiritual energy regardless of its size and placement and design.

Even if we do not have a dedicated pooja room at our places, a small cozy corner ar part of an accent wall can come to purpose, keeping vastu, direction and layout of the setup in mind, as well as the right furniture pieces and decorations are important in making it look peaceful and positive. So MillarQ Design have come to rescue you from all these questions and queries that arise in your mind before setting up your pooja unit in place.


The primary step before choosing your pooja area's style is to make sure what kind of design goes well with your existing home decor, and also something that creates a serene and comfortable feel around the space.

The main element for the pooja area can be picked up from the location of pooja in your home.


Entrance door to pooja space: Now for those of you who want their home design to be as per vastu, door is really important, As per vastu, your pooja space should always be demarcated by a door, and to be precise a door that has wooden touch, and what is better than a carved out solid wood door for your mandir space.

These doors actually do not have to be grand, even if you have a compact pooja space, even if it is wall hung pooja unit, it shall not even have doors but boundary should be demarcated with wood.

Platform: As we all know that the idol should not be directly placed on floor, but a raise platform, it can either be a stone shelf with storage drawers underneath it or a wooden wall hung shelf with open storage space under it. In case you have more than 1 idols, then you can opt for wall hung shelves, depending upon the number of idols you will be placing, and also a staircase or ladder kind of arrangement works wonders in mandir area.

Another important aspect in mandir unit with platform is the storage, having a storage for samagri inside a pooja area is well preferred rather than in a cabinet in kitchen, if we have everything relate to mandir space in mandir space, it becomes more practical and user friendly, you do not have to bother going anywhere before starting any auspicious day or festivity, storage space requirements in mandir area are usually minimal only, but it is necessary, keeping those incense sticks, dupattas, books etc, you need at least some storage, in case of wall hung units, you can have a wall mounted drawer space or a small cabinet underneath the pooja cabinet, and in case of floor mounted, you can have a floor mounted unit or drawers for storage.

Seating space: Well everybody likes to sit down in front of pooja space and soak down good and positive vibes, but this can only be done in case of floor mounted pooja space, let it be small or grand space, in floor mounted mandir space, you can have a very luxurious rug in front of the unit to sit down on and pray on.

Idol: Your idols and pictures should ideally be in the north-east, north or east. However, make sure that when you pray, you face one of these three directions.


Even the small corners of your house can be designed well. A stone finish will go well in tiny space, and combining it with neutral hues and colors like White, Cream, and pastel shades.


It is best and functional to have seperate room/space for pooja, so that it does not disturb the functioning of the whole house, but in case of space crunch, a small corner in dining area can be dedicated Mandir area of the house. Keeping the location and circulation of the space in mind, some of the best and mind blowing pooja areas are in Dining spaces.


As we all are well aware of the space crunch that we face in apartments these days, a small mandir space can be a part of your bedroom space as well, but need to have a specific corner that gives a serene and sacred energy to the space. Ideally, soothing and calming colors are preferred like green, Cream, Beige and White. As per vastu recommendations, we need to ensure that while sleeping or resting on bed, your feet are never facing the mandir space. And the recommended direction for Mandir space as per vastu are North-East or East directions.We also need to ensure that the mandir Area is never adjusent/around Washroom space or under any staircase.

Depending upon the availability of space, you can opt for any one of the following design options in terms that circulation is not hindered in any way in Mandir and spaces around Mandir.

  • Small unit pooja room designs: If you are planning on setting up the mandir in bedroom or even the common areas like dining space, small and compose units will look great in both kinds of spaces. These will take minimal space and will be easy to maintain in longer run on day to day basis.

  • Wall-hung units: While some apartments may not even have enough space in Dining or Bedroom space, then the living area is the best suited and a wall hung pooja unit should be preferred as it saves a lot of floor space and also will give your living room a very nice makeover and turn the area into serene zone.

And with that, We at MillarQ Design believe and understand that you will make a wise decision at your place while installing a pooja space, To know more, Kindly visit,

Happy Designing..

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