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In 2021, there will be more calming and soothing color trends and combinations and we will not witness a surge Neons, Vibrant colors and bold contrasts. The past year has been hard and has pushed humans to feel more connected to humanity rather than tech world. So the calm, soothing colors basically depict that they have been chosen for humans. In 2019, we estimated that next decade will be more futuristic and will be governed by bold and highlighting colors, but then 2020 came around and we humans realised that feeling calm and relaxed in life is more important than always being driven to do something, that our spaces should give us some mental peace rather than always pushing us to work harder day by day.

Our homes are the places where we spent 95% of our time past year, so keeping it peaceful, depicting your story, and moments is what the colors and feel of the house should represent.

By the humans, for the humans, is the perfectly representing color choices of 2021, keeping a lot of earthy tones, colors found in nature, colors that depict harmony, single colored designs and nude tones.

So if you are planning on shifting to your new home or renovating your existing one, do let these color trends of the year guide you through:

  1. Neutral with Naturally Dreamy colors

  2. White with colorful backdrops

  3. Earthy tones

  4. Worn/Rustic colors

  5. Organic shaped Color Blocking

  6. Unicolored Walls

  7. Nude colors


Neutral colors are an all time favourite and evergreen trend, but mixing it with a splash of dreamy vibrant colors, is the look to go for this year. A very light, smokey grey tone with a cheerful and balanced mix of Mellow Yellow, or Smoke grey walls with yellow or pop up furniture also does the work.

Calm colored wall with dreamy texture in furniture and decor


If you have an eye for Art Pieces or you are collector of Art, keeping the walls white and then displaying your collection on it is the best possible way to keep your focus on what you need to highlight, adding a couple of spot lights for enhancing the pieces with add in greater depth to the highlighted area, also, if your furniture is accent, self curated, or designer, then keeping the focus on your colorful and elegant furniture is also a way white walls will help in achieving the same.

Also if you are fond of indoor planters, as they clean the indoor air and makes sure that the circulation is correct, while walls give green/colorful planters a very nice frame with clear canvas.


Another way of keeping your space very elegant and classic, is using very nice deep earthy tones filled with contentment. These shades help add depth to the area and when touched by natural light, can do wonders.

As initially mentioned that the year 2020 has led us all to have a different perspective on life and the systems, and this change is also depicted in our consumption, so a very thoughtful decision of consuming less and only that what is actually required and hold a personal value to us and keep us content. Earthy tones keep us down to earth and close to our roots.


Going in with rustic and worn out colored textures on walls, is becoming a very likeable and uprising trend at present. It keeps the focus on one area, it is a very great feature for small areas, it keeps the focus away from the available space to the rustic wall instead, in larger areas, it becomes a very basic backdrop for an accent furniture piece, piano or a nice metallic/wooden console.


Yet another design form for walls, derived from Pop-up culture, but tweaked in a manner that it becomes and creates a very soothing and calm feeling in the space, using very peaceful and natural colors, keeping the room very vibrant and yet subtle at the same time, avoiding the use of bold colors, and keeping the focus on more pastel and cool colors.


Keeping things very subtle and driving towards the monochromatic look with 1-2 additional colors in accessories, keeping things vibrant and minimal, colors will be the major element of the area, instead of furniture and decor.

Now that we have gone through the color trends for 2021, in case you are planning on

(Re)Designing, your home? Worry not, get in touch with one of our experienced and most talented team of Architects, Designers to help you keep and maintain and create a human touch at your home, visit MillarQ Design to know more, and book your consultation.

Happy Designing..

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