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As soon as we enter a space, the first thing we observe is the whole theme of it, then we come to the elements and last but not the least importance is given to the flooring but without a proper well thought flooring, the whole idea of design falls apart. Flooring should well depict the kind of concept we want the whole space to feel like.

Well, just like different kinds of elements, flooring also can be done in many many forms.


Basically wooden flooring is most common flooring options for houses/apartments above ground floor, as on ground floor, due to rain and other natural elements, there are more chances of wooden flooring to get affected than on upper floors.

Wooden floors are easy and fast to install, they do not need any kind of mortar or binding agent to be joined to each other, a very simple groove method is followed, allowing this to be super easy and time saving when it comes to installation. In India, wooden flooring are generally done in bedrooms in plain areas, whereas in hills, all the houses are majourly made in wood.

It creates a very warm, soft and cozy feel inside the bedroom, and makes it more homely, gives a very smooth transition to public and private spaces in your home, when matched with design elements, almost all the elements and concepts can be merged with wooden flooring without any hindrance.


Hand made tiles are an upcoming element that emphasises the floor as an accent element inside any given space and allows the visitor or user to connect to the space and its planning more naturally than any other flooring, patterned floors and plain walls with just a little touch of art, can give a very chic and elegant effect to any given space, let it be a living room or reception of a commercial office.

Handmade tiles, can be customised in desired colors, patterns, sizes and shapes. They came in rectangular, square, circular, hexagonal, octagonal etc, all the shapes, they can have floral textures in case we want them to give a soft feel, and can have sharp geometric textures in case we want a crisp attention towards the floor specifically.


In Indian homes, for centuries, marble was considered the prime material when it came to flooring, let it be indian marble or italian marble, it has played a major role in transforming and developing our homes to this era.

For years, Marble flooring was considered for all spaces in the house for elegant and royal concepts and till date it is followed, marble has a very natural glass and texture to it that even makes it more rich when it comes to amplifying the space, just the color of marble in flooring can change and transform the whole theme of the space that it has been laid in.


Terrazzo flooring, as most of us have witnessed Terrazzo flooring at least once in our lifetime. It originally cementitious terrazzo that had cement as its binding agent and is good for both internal and external use. These days, a more refined for for internal flooring has been derived from it, being Epoxy Terrazzo, It has resin as its binding agent, has more gloss, is cured faster and gives a smooth finish to the whole floor by being just 6-8mm thick, epoxy flooring is being followed at a very fast pace these days and has become one of the fastest trending flooring options in the span of just 2 years.


While most of the apartments and houses today have vitrified tiles flooring, we are all aware of this one, most of the apartments in metro cities have vitrified flooring, these are very cost effective, if we compare it with any other flooring options available at present, they come in glossy and matte finish and have different textures available, majourly in square and rectangular shaped.


Mosaic tiles, usually done in pools, or terrace or outdoor spaces, enhance the look and feel of the open areas of your space, these can even be done in kitchen dado tile zone, making it look more vibrant and the signature center of the house. Mosaic, can also be done on entrance porches and outside walls, to create an illusion of patterns, most public spaces, like museums, Art galleries adapt to mosaic, as it comes in different shapes, patterns, and sizes and can be customised to desired pattern and color.

Best suited for outdoor spaces, as it is easy to clean, durable and creates an illusion of grand space even if it is just a small terrace space.


Vinyl flooring is usually done in commercial offices and retail stores. It comes in 2 forms: Vinyl Sheets and Vinyl Tiles, Being 100% moisture resistant makes it easy to maintain through rough and tough handling as well. Sheets can be pasted on ground level after waterproofing and the end result is seamless, it comes in various textures, wooden and handmade tile textures being two of the most famous ones, it looks exactly like wooden flooring and tiles. Can be used on cement, granite, tile, laminate and other flat surfaces and is anti Static, only disadvantage that we have felt across these years of working with vinyl is that, in case there is a lot of movement on floor, like circulation zones, then within the span of 2-3 years it starts to fade and if used in a zone where there is a lot of furniture movement, it develops scratches with time.


Carpet flooring, being the most popular flooring choice since more than 2 decades, is a host of advantages to make your home cozy and comfortable. In winters, these floorings give us thermal insulation and help in trapping the warm air for longer duration inside a space as compared to any other flooring types. It provides a cozy, comfortable place to even sit down, work or play, a major advantage over any other hard flooring options available in the market. For kid's zone, carpet flooring is best suited as it decreased the impact of fall and and also the tendency for kid's to get hurt decreases by major amounts. We can literally choose from thousand of options ranging between textures, colors, feel, softness and many more.

In the era of computers and home theaters and speakers, it provides a sound barrier for sound echos which are not very much liked when watching a movie/ a show.


Ceramic tiling may be to only flooring option available that works for any space of the house. It is mostly used in Kitchen Dado Area, toilets, as well as entrance highlighter walls in foyers and other heavy circulation zones. But in many areas, where the climate is mostly hot/warm,tiles work wonders in Living spaces and even bedrooms, as they help in maintaining a lower temperature inside the home and gives us cold floors, which is a relief in summers. If there are any drawbacks to this durable, elegant flooring, it is that it can be hard and cold.


Rubber flooring is usually done in gyms and workout zones, as it protects the structure of the building or floor from heavy impacts of heavy weights and other heavy equipments, it increases the time of impact and acts as a cushion between the floor and the fallen weight and protects it from any damage. Also these tiles are anti skid tiles, easy to install, have a locking mechanism between two tile, no need for mortar. It enables the user to work out properly without developing any friction and slippery surfaces.

If you’re still wondering which flooring to choose for your home or commercial office or retail store, do not hesitate to contact MillarQ Design. Our team of expert designers and Architects will help you choose the best for your spaces.

Happy designing..

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