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Deciding to have a garden in the first place at your home is one of the brightest lifestyle choices. Brightening up your garden with elements of water to create an entirely new concept for your recreational zone in your home.

The outdoor living space should have a very calming and relaxing view of the whole garden with rich and diverse ecosystem. Water usually creates an illusion of deeper and richer spaces. In gardens there is nothing better than a pond to amplify the whole look of the garden. Ponds basically require little to no maintenance once installed, more towards no maintenance if we can have plants that naturally filter the water and an algae free pond with some fishes in it that creates diversity as well as beautifies the whole garden space.

Following are the different types of water bodies for your gardens to amp up your garden space:


A zen garden is the perfect way to merge peace and tranquility to any space. This is designed based on feng-shui, basis which a buddha statue is placed on the head of the pond, surrounded by green potted plants and floating plants as well, can be placed in a corner of your garden or the center depending upon the directions.


A stone garden is basically a minimal garden that moves along small white stones placed alongside the pathway of the garden and is all aligned towards the water body that demarcates the heart of the garden, the small white pebbles are all aligned in special wavy textures creating very interesting patterns and the color white creates an illusion of a bigger space, which ultimately becomes an ideal fit for small garden spaces.


Creating a pool in garden can be a challenge for spaces without large area, in such cases we can merge the two, we can have an elongated pool with floating stone steps on it and having a varied range of aquatic plants to naturally keep the water filtered and alongside the pool, we can have a small veggie garden or flower garden to amplify the whole pathway.


A Vertical garden alongside a pond can actually help in self sustaining it for a longer period of time, as the same water from the pond can be circulated to the plans up the vertical ledge. It also emphasises on urban gardens, which emerged due to the lack of larger spaces, going vertical in terms of growing some shrubs and herbs is a very intelligent way of utilizing a small space while yielding heavy benefits.


This concept is an illusion of having a garden space while this can also be set up in a small and compact balcony serving the purpose of the garden, It has a series of potted plants placed on very nicely placed colorful pebbles and the center signifies the heart of the space and that is marked by keeping a large pot filled with water and soma aquatic floating plants that creates a mini garden feel and makes you feel close to nature.

Now that you know some of the major garden ideas featuring water, have you decided on which one will you go for in your space? Or still confused? Don't worry, you can reach out to our team at MillarQ Design to know more and get in touch with a designer, that will make your whole journey smooth and seamless and within no time, you will have your Garden ready.

Happy designing...

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