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INTERIOR DESIGN- Biggest trends for 2021

Discovering the new Interior Design Trends in 2021 to get out of these gloomy times and looking at the bright end of this dark tunnel of 2020. Here are the top design trends from the next season of 2021 within the Design World.


Furniture of your home tells a story and keeping that story crisp should be our prime focus while selecting the furniture for your home. Plain single coloured furniture was in trend a while back, but texture wood with proper grains and Patterned or fluted fabric upholstery is the future. Keeping the walls neat and single coloured with an accent art piece hanging on a wall and the furniture texture in pop-up classic.

In wooden furniture, instead of a seamless polish, the grains should be highlighted and to amplify the space even more, the wooden shade should be lighter in order to create an illusion of a larger space and a classic case of good space planning.

For soft finished furniture items like wing back chairs, sofa sets, ottomans and even the curtains, the preferred finish is not a single coloured plain finish but a textured one, either it can have monochromatic texture or even 3d or floral prints for a tropical theme.


Woodwork in old times used to have plain shutters with either laminated finish or polish in case of Solid wood, but at present the spaces that we have, we need to use storages as the multi purpose units that solve the purpose of storage as well as act as design elements at the same time, for an example, instead of a standard wardrobe finishes, the shutters of the wardrobes can be treated as an empty canvas, either wooden trims, or any other kind of texture and even flutes work wonders.

In Living areas or common spaces, the storage unit or a small Pooja Unit can act as an accent corner all made in wood or even MDF, as it is much lighter than solid wood and is easier to work with in making different textures or creating grooves on its surface, can have laminated finish or even different kinds of polishes depending upon the mood of the space and the purpose.


Basic woodwork in kitchen is previous century, considering kitchen as the heart of the house, this place has to be cheerful and charming and highlighted enough for its importance, treating the kitchen as an accent center for your home, having bold colors like mustard, Teal, Sea Blue and Shades of Pink as well, keeping teh Dado area a very basic tile, the idea of doing this being that previously dado was the highlighted zone in the Kitchen but more area is covered by Woodwork than highlighter tile zone, so highlighting the woodwork in case of open Kitchen planning will solve the problem of highlighting some other zone in the open space as well.

These days, everyone is opting for Modular Kitchens, originally this concept came from European Kitchens and these are manufactured in different modules, making every module a unique storage unit, joined together, so the front facia for all modules can be treated specially to highlight the kitchen zone.


We are all aware that investing in statement furniture or fixed items in out homes will be an expensive affair and does not stay in limelight for a longer time-frame, as the viewers get used to it and it turns gaudi after sometime. So investing in decor items that are of statement color or texture or made by some renowned artist, giving your home a very elegant and artistic feature.

Decorative vases have been treated differently in different time zones in previous decades, and this trend seems to follow us this year as well, glossy and highlighted colored vases or photo frames or metal chesters, even the pixel designs in chesters or curtains solves the purpose of Statement decor items.


Japandi is a hybrid trend. This new look takes the modern flair of Scandinavian design and combines it with the timeless elegance of a Japanese aesthetic to create a style that brings together the best of both worlds.

It has become an uprising and a pretty trendy concept for maximum furniture pieces, as the scandinavian structural design for furniture makes it very stable and load bearing and the Japanese aesthetic gives it a very comfortable and sleek look allowing the flow of air right through it all.


Brutal designs have become another rising star for the decade keeping things real and less space occupying, Like for walls, instead of those trendy wallpapers, you can opt for colorful plaster finish, still giving a textured plaster look. For furniture, using the natural material as it is, without finishing it with paint or polish or even any kind of laminate.

Moving away from exposed brickwork and heavy metals, the latest answer to the industrial look has taken a softer turn with sandy, textured walls reminiscent of raw plaster.

For an example, those straight out of the woods, canter tables, made from tree trunks, unfinished and yet giving out a very elegant feel in the living space.

Giving your home a complete raw look with a comfortable furniture is one way to achieve this and keeping walls neat and elegant but keeping your furniture raw to its core is another way of achieving the same


Biophilic design is basically a technical term for bringing the outdoors in, and indoors out. It focused on our inner human connection with the nature and greenery around us. It is gaining a lot of popularity as people living in metro cities are losing their connection with nature and they crave the same more, as nature makes us feel good and benefits out health as well hugely.Last year has increased everyone's desire for outside space as now we have understood the importance of nature, greenery and outer world.

Outdoors is now a part of every household, let it be a garden, a balcony, where we can have a green zone of the house. These extended spaces are becoming are relaxation zones along with a possibility to maintain a social life as well.


Leaving homes is becoming difficult by the day and this is encouraging a growth of home gyms, as well as a lot of recreational spaces inside of our homes.

Home gyms were already gaining popularity as private exercise space has always been important consideration for most of the homes that we design, and as lockdown has a specific emphasis on private workout spaces with rising in the trend of virtual workout sessions, so it has become essential part of our homes for our well being, as being inside the homes, does not allow our body to actually have a proper mobility, so out of all the time, these are the times that call for a work out space at your place for your own well being.


Textured walls were a rising trend and were all over the place in 2020, and seems like this trend is following us in this year as well, Textured wall does not mean that it always have to be a fixed thing, some of us were hanging even rugs on walls, to give it a very cosy, comfortable and familiar look and this can be changed from time to time depending upon the mood of the user.

From 3D carved wood wall panellings and tiles to more subtle looks like the new textured wallpapers, these are the different ways to achieving a textured wall, texture can be both visual and physical, depending upon the space that you have.

These inspiring design trends for 2021 offers multiple ways to be adopted for different spaces depending upon a lot of things.Need help adding one of these or more to your space and enhancing it even more and making it ready to face the decade with heads up?

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Happy Designing..


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