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As we are all aware that the Apartments/Flats that we buy today are very compact, living rooms and bedrooms are just as per the standard anthropometric sizes, but in order to have more storage, we need bigger spaces, so MillarQ Design is making sure that we get maximum storage in compact spaces without hindering the purpose of the space and the maintaining a healthy circulation space.

There are different options in furniture and storages that can help us achieve the maximum storage requirements,

  • We can opt for foldable Dining table embedded in Crockery Units.

  • Beds organised with a space saving and continuous Study Unit.

  • Space saving kitchen designs with foldable Breakfast counter.

  • Kitchen cabinets can increase the storage space if along with Wall Units we can opt for floor to ceiling kitchen storages with a line of Loft units above the wall units for storage of larger boxes or utensils.

  • Spaces under staircases can be planned and organised as Shoe Racks, Spare items in house, Crockery etc.

  • We can have furniture with in-built storages.

  • Building Glass walls/partitions instead of Partition walls opr units, creating a wider vision for the visitor and physical barrier, creating an illusion of a bigger space.

If we move from generalised space saving options and start discussing the spaces specifically then Living room being the main center of movement in the house should be the first one to be considered.


  • Furniture in Living room is the main element, we can opt for Nest of Tables in the corner, that can open up to multiple tables whenever required and can be a compact box and 1 table whenever not needed.

  • Coffee table/ Center Table can be a table with storage underneath it, that can be achieved in two ways, firstly being the storage option that the table can have drawers or shutters for storage, secondly the table can have multiple ottomans underneath it that can open up and seat 4 or more people whenever there is a gathering at your place.

  • Displaying art work strategically

  • Getting creative with low seating options, as it emphasises the height of the space and will again create an illusion of a bigger space.

  • Going in for multi-purpose furniture options like Sofa cum Beds.

  • Keeping the Living room well lit and allowing maximum amount of Natural light inside the Space, creating a bigger and lighter space.

  • Strategic designs in False ceiling can illuminate the space in a manner that it creates an image of a larger space.


  • Installing layered shelving on the bed back wall for more storage which can be open or closed storages.

  • Wall Mounted Side tables/Night stands, these help in more free space on floor and the more floor visibility creates a psychological impact of a bigger open space.

  • Making your study table double as a night stand is a clever way of multi-purpose storage options and multi-purpose furniture.

  • Seating in your bedroom can have a ottoman instead of a full back chair or an accent chair, ottomans with storage are much appreciated, as they can double as a storage trunk in your bedroom

  • Considering a Murphy Bed in your bedroom can save a lot of floor space but this can only be opted for certain segment of crowd.


  • Bunk Bed is a very classy and space saving option for kid's Bedroom as they need more floor space in their room for playing.

  • Using vertical space in the room to increase the storage and also doubles the room.

  • A desk/study table that doubles as a storage vanity, can be in your living room or a separate study room.

  • Trundle bed is a best space optimisation option for kid's room, for nap time, it can double as a king/queen size bed and for play time, it acts as a deewen, and that too with ample storage.

  • Hydraulic Beds that can merge in walls during day time creating an open planning in the whole room.

  • Investing in less bulkier and multi-functional furniture options.

Looking home interiors for your new Flat/Apartment? Worry not, we have all the space saving options customised for your space at MillarQ Design. Do visit our website to know more at

Happy Designing...


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