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Before 2020, who would have thought that home offices will be so important? Well, the idea of not bringing office to home is now just a thought, and we majorly are supposed to be working from home, and a home office has become and essential part of our lives.

While we all have been working from home, our home offices need to be very comfortable, we need to make sure on what kind of work table and chair do we need, which corner of the house can be utilised? Is there enough natural light and wind circulation? Do we have ample storage for our office needs, and on top of it all, how do we want it to look like? Well, if you have all these questions running in your mind, your wait is over, MillarQ Design is here to help you decide and choose what will best suit your needs and your office space requirements.


Deciding where to put your workstation at home is really important, it is the primary aspect of how comfortable and focused will you be while working and sitting for long hours.

We need to make sure that only less used area in our regular space management shall be chosen for our workstation, as if the space is busy, you will lose the focus and your mind will be distracted easily, directly decreasing your productivity throughout the day.

SPACE BY WINDOW, if you have a corner space by a window that faces the window, that is best suited for work, as you wont be facing a wall in that setup, your mind will be focused in finishing the work as per your timeline and the faster it is finished, sooner will you get a chance to spend time with your family or watch your favourite TV show or play your favourite video games.

GUEST ROOM, if you have a space guest room, then use that space, as during work from homes and present scenarios there is a minimum chance that some guest will be visiting to stay with you, also if your work includes taking lots of calls, a secluded room works best in that case.


Now this is very subjective as to how much space would your workstation need, sticking to anthropometric dimensions is to be strictly followed, you can then increase the length or depth of table depending on how much table space would you be needing.

Ample workstation top, is the key to clutter free work zone, you can organise your files and daily notes in a clear and non disruptive manner. Keeping the workstation tidy makes our mind feel that there is more space that we have compared to a cluttered table space.


Choosing a right desk and chair for your home office is essential as you will be spending 70% of your daylight on that. Select a desk that is wide enough for your computer and anything else that is essential for your working. Invest in a desk that is at a perfect height and provides ample leg room for your comfort during long hours of sit in.

Choose a chair that is comfortable for you and is preferred if it is height adjustable and has adjustable hand rest in providing a good sitting posture for you. It will keep your body and mind focused on your work rather than daydreaming at your desk.


While this is also subjective, but it enables you to keep your work desk area more clutter free. Storage is often overlooked while designing your home office, but plays a major role in daily productivity, if the things are organised, it will be easier for you to find and sort through things, also saving your time. Considering your workflow, helps you understand your storage requirements in depth, like when you start your day, what is it that you start with, and once finished, where does that file or notepad go? At wrapping up time, where do your files and books go? This will help enable you to understand in depth that what are your storage requirements.


Before actually going out there or buying online, consider making a basic space plan for the area that you want to install your office to understand that how much space will be left in the zone and how big of a table or pedestal will actually fit in the area.

Now that you know what all to consider while planning a home office, we at MillarQ Design are happy to help you organise and plan a clutter free, more focused and perfect for your space home offices. Want to know more, Visit and book your consultation.


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