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We all have at least once faced an issue of wardrobe managing in our homes. Well unplanned wardrobe spaces lead to several issues in daily functioning of the user. Your wardrobe should have space management as per your needs and pattern.

So ,lets give you a solution for this issue of how to plan your wardrobe and what should you keep in mind before getting one.


Just like Modular kitchen, Modular wardrobes are also made in a production house, using moisture lock technology which in technical strength is more durable and tough for drastic temperature changes whereas in our traditional wardrobes, either we used metal or plywood and both of them have their problems, either they are too noisy or they wobble after two-three season changes due to ply’s expansion properties with temperature changes, but in modular wardrobes, we can use any material and soft-close Innotech drawers and shutters with all Quadro channels which play a prime role in easy and user-friendly usage of any drawer. Going in through different quality checks before installation and takes 2-3 days at site for complete installation leaving a very seamless and beautiful wardrobes ready for your home.

Modern problems require modern solutions: When in old times people did not have that many travel trolley bags than what they have today, so the storage requirements then were only for clothes and different stuff, whereas now, along with the same requirements we need additional storage space for our large travel trolley bags as well. A Modular wardrobe provides you with several modules for trolley bags, seasonal clothes, quilts etc.

The basics for the designing part can be explored once we have the exact size and placements for the wardrobes at our home.


A Bedroom has two major elements, Wardrobe and Bed, so planning things the way you want the final outcome to look like is really important.

Major pointers and issues at hand while designing a wardrobe are:

  1. The Size of Wardrobe.

  2. Storage Needs.

  3. How many users are using the same wardrobe.

  4. Is it matching the decor and feel of the room?

  5. Wardrobe size compared to room size and space planning.

  6. What is the core material to be used in your wardrobe?

  7. The overall budget for wardrobe that you have in your mind

  8. What is the type of wardrobe that you like

  9. What kind of accessories will you need for better usage.


Walk-in wardrobes are trend setters for bigger and larger spaces. Dedicating a room for a wardrobe and a dresser zone looks very elegant and chic but, is a luxury that not everyone can afford, It can be for a single user with segregated segments for different kinds of clothing and accessory while can be used by multiple people, dividing different zones for different users.

Walk-in wardrobes have recently taken a huge toll among Indian crowd, as these look so classy and makes more open spaces in your bedroom to which these wardrobes are attached.

As you pick your favourite pick, get help from our experts at MillarQ Design in designing the perfect storage solutions in your home.

Happy Designing..


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