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After the pandemic, our homes are the places we spend most of out time in. So the colour scheme for the house should replicate the moods and vibes of the ones living inside it.

There are many trendy colour combinations and wall textures that can be done on your bare walls and even if your house is a rented one, you can invest in good furniture and keep the walls minimal with basic color tones and lighting up the space by the finishing and upholstery color of your Furniture items.

In broader scene, the following trends will be "trending" in the world of Interiors in Year 2021:

  1. Neutral colors

  2. Touches/Splashes of Colors

  3. Natural Calming color tones

  4. Bold Contrasting Colors

  5. A combination of colors and textures

  6. Color Blocking


Going ahead with Neutral shades has an everlasting effect on your home interiors. Neutral tones contribute majorly towards the illusion of a bigger space, so in case of smaller spaces in modern world, neutral colors are the safest color options for your walls. Some colors that will amplify your space despite being the neutral shades are Grey, Cream, White, Beige , Vivacious pastel shades.

Pro tip: Pastels are the best color choice in case you want a very elegant look in your space.


Adding splashes of color and innovative, unique, out of the ordinary textures throughout your home ia a easy and delightful way to emphasise the change in seasons. It can be done in many ways: Using bold, digitally inspired colored patterns, let the color of the year take the center stage ( Center furniture piece to be of the main color), Adding a neutral design classic furniture.


Natural Calming tones, have a very peaceful effect on the mind of the inhabitants of the house. Keeping natural earthy tones, greens, sage green, Aquatic blue have a very calming effect and increases the positive energy around the house. While using Natural tones, we need to make sure that the furniture should be of a very elegant finish and make that actually elevates the wall colors and emphasis the same, Either these tones can be used on walls or the furniture of the space.


Another way to amp up your Bedroom or Living Area is the usage of bold contrasting colors like Grey and Lemon yellow, grey providing the base and lemon yellow providing the right amount of freshness to the space. Another example of this is Deep blue with blush pink, You can have blush pink/peach walls and upholstery as deep blue suede to give it a very royal and elegant look.


Using the right amount of amalgamation of colors and textures is the key to great aesthetics, now this can be achieved in two ways:

We can have a very nice texture paint on walls and keeping a single color in upholstery or soft furnishing for the space.

Other way of doing this is that we can go ahead with a textured fabric and basic single colored walls.


Going ahead with future of the walls, is color blocking, it helps in segregating the space without actually blocking the circulation of the space. It helps divide the space without actually creating a space barrier, and creating very interesting nooks and corners in the house.

What do you think of the color trends for 2021? I think it fits perfectly with how the world is right now, we need those warm hues for comfort but also the brightness to give hope for better days to come. Kindly visit MillarQ Design to learn more.

Happy designing


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